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Steve Massar

Steve 39 from Rijswijk – product owner at TerraIndex

Father of Brownie, a 100-pound Bernese Mountain Dog, which can’t be missed from the team on Tuesdays. Steve likes to surf and travel. With a background in the hospitality industry, he knows better than anyone how important it is to have fun in your work. Both for the team and for the customer’s experience.

From the hospitality industry to product owner at TerraIndex

‘After working in the hospitality industry for a long time, I switched to IT development within the energy market in 2012. At the end of 2019 I ended up at TerraIndex. Soil survey seemed very interesting to me. It really is a niche, an art in itself. The importance of soil survey for the environment, people and safety also appealed to me.

In my position as product owner, I investigate the opportunities to improve our software. I translate customer wishes into concrete functionalities together with developers, after which I organize and plan the processes and tasks.’

Special how TerraIndex connects the entire industry

‘At TerraIndex, the collaboration with customers is truly unique. Customers are eager to share their experiences with us. Very instructive, because they are real experts in their field. Together with them, I continue to investigate where opportunities lie, what can be improved or which functionalities make their work easier, more qualitative and more fun.

During expert days, we bring customers together to discuss their work processes and opportunities. Very special how TerraIndex, as a kind of glue, connects the entire industry. That connection and the joint pursuit of the highest quality soil survey is beautiful to see.’

We really want end users to ‘shine’

‘What makes TerraIndex’s product vision so unique is that we really want end users to ‘shine’. We want to add as much value as possible. Whether with new features to be able to carry out the survey more accurately or by showing interesting facts and quotes, for example during the loading of data, to make the work more fun.

What we want to achieve, is to provide even more specific and personal support to the end user. For example, by detecting a specific need even before someone asks for help. This way we can immediately send a push notification with the answer, or the solution and we prevent a customer from having to call us.’

Within the team, fun at work is also essential

‘The collaboration within the team is very good. Everyone takes his or her own responsibilities and we help each other where necessary. We’re always there for each other, no question is too crazy. Initiatives are also highly encouraged, as long as you start on it yourself.

In addition, there is a lot of room for fun. Both after and during work. For example, we regularly enjoy a terrace or go bouldering together. Fun is also in the collaboration and in the smaller things. For example, we regularly play ‘daily bingo’ during the daily stand-up. During the sprint retro we celebrate the colleague who contributed most to a certain task.’

At Terra you can be human, with your own personality

The best thing about working at Terra is that we really build something together. You are not only part of the subprocess, but also of the total process. Every quarter we check whether we are still up-to-date, and the global direction is determined. We really do it together and have lots of fun. You can be human, with your own personality. In fact, you even have to.’

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TerraIndex software soil survey automation

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TerraIndex software soil survey automation

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TerraIndex software soil survey automation

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TerraIndex software soil survey automation


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