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TerraIndex improves and guarantees the quality of soil surveys by digitising, optimising and integrating the survey process. Together with our customers and partners, we strive for a responsible realisation of construction and infrastructure projects worldwide – without unnecessary risks.


Digitalisation of soil surveys of great importance for public health worldwide.

We believe that qualitative soil survey forms the basis for a responsible realisation of construction and infrastructure projects. Reliable results are crucial for the health of the population and a well-organised process ensures the safety of the technicians.

We are experts in soil survey and act as a committed partner and consultant for many organisations. Since 1996, TerraIndex has been helping its customers perform their important work optimally, digitise data and design and automate processes more securely. We also developed, among other things, the assessment framework in webservice for the Dutch government: BoToVa.

What started 25 years ago with a Psion MX and the first fieldwork software: BoorManager, has evolved to our current state of the art software. TerraIndex makes the entire soil survey more reliable and efficient – from fieldwork to reporting. 1300+ users use TerraIndex daily, resulting in 1 million+ lab assignments annually.

We strive for optimal customer satisfaction and continuous improvement

We are in constant contact with our customers – at the office, in the field and in the laboratory – to continuously identify obstacles and opportunities and listen to requests and ideas. This allows us to continuously develop our software and add valuable features. We aim for optimal customer satisfaction and close cooperation where we act as a partner and colleague.

As a team, we continuously evaluate what is going well and what can be improved. Within our own team, in the collaboration with our customers and in the cooperation between the different links in the industry. We continue to look for ways to make soil survey accurate and efficient, so our customers can provide their clients with reliable results faster.

TerraIndex has been a household name within the European market since 2010 and the only software in the world that offers a totally integrated solution for the entire soil survey process. Our aim is to implement TerraIndex in the international top 20 survey organisations by 2025, thus contributing to more safety and better health worldwide.

Our core values

There is always room for improvement
Not because we are dissatisfied, but because we always see an opportunity to add extra value for our customers. From new features in our software, clear information provision, to the way we speak to customers on the phone. We keep challenging ourselves to do better.

– TerraIndex has an uptime of at least 99.9%
– Every two weeks a new functionality is developed
We strive for real fans
We don’t want satisfied customers, but real fans. We strongly believe in the power of bottom-up, both in our organisation and with our customers. We aim for the wow effect at the end user. If he is happy to do his job – without unnecessary frustrations – then our workday was successful.

– Our fans rate us on average with an 8.1 average
– Every month we organize a live interactive question hour
Together we achieve more
Good cooperation is our priority, both in the team, with our customers and all partners within the industry. Only by respecting each other’s knowledge and skills, listening and learning from each other can we strive together for the highest quality soil survey.

– Expert customer days twice a year with interesting workshops
– Functionalities are developed in collaboration with customers
We like to keep it fun
For our customers and for ourselves. Work should be fun, and successes should be celebrated. We are involved and social, not just a supplier but a partner. We know our customers – and they know us. We reflect on victories and applaud each other’s ambitions and plans.

– Every quarter a spectacular webinar full of new developments

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Completely synergize resource taxing relationships via premier niche markets.


Quickly drive clicks-and-mortar catalysts for change before vertical architectures.


Completely synergize resource taxing relationships via premier niche markets.


Quickly drive clicks-and-mortar catalysts for change before vertical architectures.

Our partners

The quality of soil survey depends heavily on cooperation between the different links within the survey process. We share our knowledge and skills with various industry associations, knowledge centres, laboratories and other partners who are involved in – or benefiting from – qualitative soil survey. Together we ensure more safety and fewer risks within the realisation of construction and infrastructure projects.
TerraIndex software soil survey automation Eurofins
TerraIndex software soil survey automation SGS
TerraIndex software soil survey automation TNO
TerraIndex software soil survey automation VVMA
TerraIndex software soil survey automation VOTB
TerraIndex software soil survey automation SIKB
TerraIndex software soil survey automation Agrolab

Terra Timeline


Founding I.T. Works

Herry Bruins and Henco van der Weijden founded I.T. Works from the Delft student house “Jvb29”. For 2000 guilders a Psion MX is purchased and the first fieldwork software is developed: BoorManager.


First laboratories use BoorManager

Despite being located in a house that was on the demolition list, the Ecotech Europe ’97 is full of ambition. The first laboratories started using BoorManager.


TerraIndex digitises soil survey SBNS and HSL

The major remediation operation of the NS (SBNS) and the construction of the HSL have started. TerraIndex is asked to digitise the soil survey.


Link made with GPS

A link is made to GPS. With the use of RDS-dGPS, an accuracy of 1 meter can be achieved.


Development of the first exchange standard

Together with laboratories, the first exchange standard is being developed: the SIKB0101, which we still maintain to this day.


TerraIndex becomes a household name in the Flemish market

The OVAM (Flemish Public Waste Organisation) requests that all soil survey be delivered digitally including coordinates. TerraIndex also becomes a household name in the Flemish market.


First pilots carried out via remote desktop

The first pilots via Remote Desktop, are carried out. TerraIndex is therefore one of the first professional SAAS solutions.


Development and launch tablet app for Windows and iPad

The tablet app for Windows and iPad is developed and launched.


Converting own assessment module to BoToVa

TerraIndex converts its own assessment module to the legally established and publicly used BoToVa  (Soil Test and Validation Service).


Switch to Microsoft Azure

The decision is made to move to Microsoft Azure.


First French consultancies in production

The first French consulting firms are using TerraIndex.


Launch Streamline and relocation head office

Launch TerraIndex streamline and move to Groene Haven 282 in Delft.


Top 20 French consultancy firms

TerraIndex serves the top 20 French consulting firms in digitizing soil survey.

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    TerraIndex has been an expert in the field of automation, standardisation and chain integration of soil survey for more than 25 years. With the TerraIndex software, the entire process – from fieldwork to reporting – can be carried out quickly, safely and accurately.


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