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TerraIndex helps its clients – survey agencies, lab employees and consultants – carry out their work quickly and accurately. This way they can quickly provide their clients with reliable results and advice. Together we strive for a responsible realisation of construction and infrastructure projects.

Safe and efficient processes
A complete solution for an integrated and optimally organised process – from preliminary survey, fieldwork, lab to the advisory report.
Cost- and time saving
Data is digitised, duplication and errors are prevented. On average, this saves 20 minutes per drilling.
Continuous quality improvement
Based on the needs of our customers, TerraIndex is being developed continuously. The quality of the survey process is thus continuously optimised.
Very easy to use
TerraIndex is state of the art open software with an uptime of 99.9%, ICT-secured and easy to integrate with other systems. With a convenient app and intuitive interface.

One complete solution

From preliminary survey, fieldwork, lab to the advisory report
Create a drilling plan based on complete data

With the help of open data, an accurate drilling plan can be made. Once the plan is ready, it can be sent to the field worker’s app so he or she can get started right away.

Find the right drilling locations with GPS and GIS

The exact coordinates of the drilling sites can be mapped with up to 10 meters accuracy using (the right) GPS and GIS. The required samples can be taken immediately, without causing unnecessary risks during drilling.

Use templates for unambiguous input

TerraIndex offers standardised input templates that help fieldworkers enter the right data in a clear way. This prevents incomplete data and ambiguities, which results in more efficiency and fewer risks.

Enter various data digitally directly in the App

The intuitive and user-friendly App makes entering data even easier and efficient. The barcodes on the samples can be easily scanned and linked to the coordinates and data.

Communicate directly with the lab through the App

All major laboratories in Europe work with TerraIndex. The App allows you to quickly switch over to the laboratory, data is sent with the press of a button within the secure TerraIndex environment.

Create and manage lab assignments digitally

In TerraIndex, lab assignments can be easily created and managed. The lab can directly enter and display the progress of the analyses, as well as the survey results.

Test the results against standards and requirements

Lab results can be compared directly with local standards and standards in TerraIndex, as well as with proprietary standards. In this way, conclusions can be drawn quickly, followed by clear advice.

Use templates for clear formatting

In TerraIndex, various customisable templates are available to make reports clear, including charts, tables, symbols and other graphic elements. This way, a report can be quickly generated and presented.

A dedicated partner
from advice to implementation

We have been actively involved in the work processes of our customers for over 25 years. As a dedicated partner, we know the challenges and pitfalls like no other, as well as the opportunities and solutions.

Get personalised advice

Schedule a free consultation and tell us more about your current work processes, bottlenecks and areas of improvements. We think along, share our insights and show you how the TerraIndex software can optimize your work process.

Discover TerraIndex during a live demo

During a live demo, users fulfilling different roles can discover how TerraIndex simplifies their work. From making a drilling plan, taking samples to preparing the advisory report.

Implementation support

Getting started with TerraIndex? We help you implement the software flawlessly within your current work processes, without any work being halted. With thorough training, we help everyone involved get the best out of TerraIndex right away.

Support and service

Our support team is available daily from 09:00 to 17:00. In our online learning environment, we offer various trainings to permanently optimize processes and the quality of the survey.

Some of our
satisfied customers

TerraIndex software soil survey automation Antea Group
TerraIndex software soil survey automation Arcadis
TerraIndex software soil survey automation Royal Haskoning DHV
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Expert and market leader
in soil survey automation

Since 1996, TerraIndex has been an expert in the field of automation, standardisation and chain integration of soil survey. Every day 1300+ companies use our TerraIndex software. As a trusted partner, we also act as a consultant for the realisation of various projects at home and abroad.
TerraIndex software soil survey automation customers

    Whitepaper: automation of soil survey

    Necessary for an efficient process and reliable results.
    The use of paper sheets to record important data involves a great deal of duplication of effort and unnecessary risks. Yet this is still a common way of working in many countries. Download our whitepaper and discover how automation ensures an efficient process and reliable results:

    – 6 key benefits of automation soil survey
    – 8 features to improve the quality of the survey
    – 2 practical examples from leading research companies

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      TerraIndex has been an expert in the field of automation, standardisation and chain integration of soil survey for more than 25 years. With the TerraIndex software, the entire process – from fieldwork to reporting – can be carried out quickly, safely and accurately.


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