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Bram Ardesch

Bram 25 from Delft – developer at TerraIndex

As a lazy student I noticed TerraIndex on Google maps. At the time, it was one of the three interesting companies within a 5 km radius (he did not mention this during his job interview). Now, after 3.5 years as a developer he still feels at home.

From intern to developer for the Netherlands and abroad

‘In 2018 I joined TerraIndex as an intern. To be fair, I applied mainly because I lived nearby. In the end it proved to be a very good choice, because 3.5 years later I’m still there.

I’ve learned a lot in the last few years. I don’t necessarily have an affinity with soil survey, but it’s an interesting niche to work in. As a developer, I have a lot of direct contact with Steve, the product owner, to get the wishes of the customers in the product. I also regularly take over a part of the service desk and I am involved in developments abroad. It’s really cool to be able to do so many things.’

TerraIndex works according to the scrum method, without hierarchy

‘I really like the way TerraIndex works. We work according to the scrum method, without hierarchy. You will be very autonomous and your ideas will be appreciated – as long as you get started on them yourself. Sometimes it takes a bit of searching and ‘swimming’, but within our team it works, and they are there for you.

We work with daily stand-ups and two-week iterations. We determine the priority and time requirements per project, after which it is divided into different tasks. Every two weeks we look at what is going well and what can be improved. The whole team is aware of everything that’s going on. That’s why there’s a lot of transparency.’

Our market and tools offer programmers a great challenge

‘The market has complex working conditions. For example, it is possible that a field worker in an outdoor area remains without internet for a week. Then your application still has to work properly. Information must then be neatly merged, without losing data. To achieve this, we work with the latest tools, such as C#9 and the Vue 3 framework. This makes programming a challenge but also really cool. The direct involvement of enthusiastic users is also fun.’

Working at TerraIndex is super fun

‘Every Friday we have drinks -sometimes at a colleagues’ home- and we always have lunch together – often outside the office. During the European Soccer Championship or World Cup we have the football matches on display. This makes working at TerraIndex super fun. We also go bouldering sometimes, at the initiative of the team. We get a tremendous amount of freedom; in principle, we are free to determine our working hours. Furthermore, everybody is easy going and we are very much on the same page.’

You can do anything at Terra, as long as you do it yourself

‘What I like most about TerraIndex is that you can really do anything. Nothing is too crazy, as long as you take responsibility for it. If there is no time for it now, it will be scheduled at a later date. There is no hierarchy, everything is decided together. There is also a lot of room for development and nobody will look at you strangely if you don’t understand something. There are really smart people working there, from which you can learn a lot.’

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TerraIndex software soil survey automation

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TerraIndex software soil survey automation

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TerraIndex software soil survey automation

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TerraIndex software soil survey automation


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