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TAUW provides environmental engineering and consulting services to both the public and private sectors. Since 1928, from a company with 5 employees, TAUW has grown into a leading European environmental consultancy company with 1200+ employees.

‘Digitizing is more efficient, safer and time-saving’

In 2020 we digitized our entire research process. Previously, we worked with formatted sheets of paper, which we filled in with a pen. Rain and wind often made the sheets less legible. In addition, we had to re-enter all the data in Excel. And that was unnecessarily time-consuming.

We also wanted to guarantee the reliability of our data and not waste any more time re-entering data or waiting for a colleague to return from the field. Digitization offers many opportunities to store, archive and share data.

For us, it was important that the software and app be easy to use right away. Our company has several certifications that allow us to guarantee quality services. It was therefore important that the software could provide information according to these standards and requirements. TerraIndex provided the solution.

Since we have been working with TerraIndex, we have saved a lot of time. Information only has to be entered once and is immediately shared with the office. We can now do everything from one digital platform: view data, automatically generate drilling locations with GIS, request laboratory analyses and receive analysis results. The structured data and standardized display increase ease of use.

Digitizing soil testing is more efficient, safer and time-saving.

TerraIndex software bodemonderzoek soil investigation automation automatisering

TerraIndex has been an expert in the field of automation, standardisation and chain integration of soil survey for more than 25 years. With the TerraIndex software, the entire process – from fieldwork to reporting – can be carried out quickly, safely and accurately.


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