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TAUW provides environmental engineering and consultancy services to both the public and private sectors. Since 1928, TAUW has grown from a company with 5 employees to a leading European environmental consultancy. TAUW employs 1200+ people across 28 offices in 5 European countries – including Belgium.

“We chose TerraIndex because it offers a truly complete solution, which is what makes it so attractive.”

Using TerraIndex has been a very positive experience within our company
‘At TAUW Belgium, we have been working with TerraIndex for almost three years. Using TerraIndex has been a very positive experience within our company. The software works intuitively and exporting data is very easy. The software, both the web and the app version, is used daily for all our projects and construction sites.

We used to work with different programs. A different tool for each step. Sharing data and making it accessible was not always easy. We regularly ran the risk of losing data.

It was important for us to find a way to centralise all the information, from the field data to the analysis results. To avoid data loss, we looked for software that could directly upload data – already during collection in the field – to one secure place.’

Since we started using TerraIndex, we have saved a lot of time
‘We chose TerraIndex because the software really offers a complete solution; that’s what makes TerraIndex so attractive. All users work together in and from one user environment. Data can be shared easily, and analysis results are immediately available. We can then print out various reports to compare the results with the standards applicable in Belgium. That is also very valuable.

Since we started using TerraIndex, we have saved a lot of time. This is one of the biggest advantages. We can see the information from the field directly. We don’t have to wait until the end of the day for the borelogs, but can communicate directly with the fieldworker. If we need extra data, we can ask the fieldworker to carry out additional operations.

Ordering lab assignments is also much quicker and easier. The borelogs are quickly available and the samples are already scanned in the field. All analysis packages can be found in TerraIndex – including their prices – and selected directly.’

With TerraIndex, the quality of the survey is improved continuously
‘Thanks to the TerraIndex mapping tools, the fieldworker can immediately see deviations in the location of the boreholes. These can then be corrected with GPS. The possibility of visualising borehole locations on a map helps the project manager to identify and prioritise them.

Cooperation with the various partners has also been improved by TerraIndex. They can also import their data directly into TerraIndex; all users have access. We can then select the data we consider necessary for the survey.

All information is collected and displayed in the same way. This standardisation of data ensures the quality of the survey. With TerraIndex, data loss is kept to a minimum. Because all users can communicate with each other live, work can be adjusted immediately to supplement the data where necessary.

With TerraIndex, the quality of the survey is continuously improved. TerraIndex not only provides software, but also allows the process to evolve. The software is continuously developed, and functionalities are adapted for different countries and regions.

For Belgium, TerraIndex has made a great effort to adapt the software to our three regions, each with their own standards!’

TerraIndex software bodemonderzoek soil investigation automation automatisering

TerraIndex has been an expert in the field of automation, standardisation and chain integration of soil survey for more than 25 years. With the TerraIndex software, the entire process – from fieldwork to reporting – can be carried out quickly, safely and accurately.


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