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Delphine Michault

Delphine 40 from Den Hoorn, Customer Success Manager at TerraIndex

Working at TerraIndex since September 2020; a real ‘dream company’ for her. Being French, Delphine pushes the boundaries of TerraIndex. Not only to France, she also conquers the rest of the world.

TerraIndex came my way at the right time

‘I had been working as a Sales Account manager at various organizations for years, but I never felt completely at home. And then TerraIndex came my way. For me it really is a ‘dream company’. In September 2020 I started as a Customer Success Manager, to first get to know the software and the market. After this I will take on the role of Sales Account Manager.

I am in fact concerned with the needs of all non-Dutch-speaking customers. I am looking with them for opportunities to improve soil survey and their processes. Then I translate these into specific functionalities, together with the developers. I also focus on testing, market research and sales, in France, Spain and Italy, among others.’

Soil research can be arranged differently per country

‘In the Netherlands, about 90% of the market already uses the software.  TerraIndex is also becoming increasingly well known in other European countries. Our goal is to be able to serve the foreign market within two years.

Each country must deal with its own protocols and processes. Where one country only looks at groundwater, other countries also take samples of soil gases and air. For each country we investigate the needs of our customers.

Often our customers spend a lot of time on administrative and repetitive tasks. With TerraIndex, we make their work easier and more efficient, so they can focus on tasks that require their skills and expertise.’

At TerraIndex there is no competition between colleagues, we complement each other

‘What I love about working at TerraIndex is that there’s no competition between colleagues; we complement each other. Everyone works with and from his or her knowledge, expertise and capabilities. Every idea is carefully considered. You propose your plan and indicate what you need. Then you get the resources to execute your plan.

During the daily stand-up, everyone is informed about the latest developments. When someone gets stuck, we always try to help each other. While preparing one of my webinars, colleagues helped me solve a technical problem until late at night. We’re really there for each other – I love that.’

We do a lot of fun things together, even outside of work

‘At TerraIndex there is a real team feeling. We do a lot of fun things together, even outside of work. For example, we often have drinks and boulder on Fridays. Our Christmas dinner during COVID was also very nice. We couldn’t be together physically, so we played a online quiz. It’s like an escape room, but digital. I had never done this before, and I loved it.’

For me, TerraIndex is really a ‘dream company’

‘I really feel at home at TerraIndex. For me, it’s a dream company. It’s not only a nice company, but we also have a very good product. We continue to improve it and are in constant contact with the end users. That’s pretty unique.

At TerraIndex, people really listen to you. Your initiative is appreciated, and you are encouraged to look beyond your own responsibilities. I really appreciate that freedom. For me, this is my best work experience so far.’  

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TerraIndex software soil survey automation

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TerraIndex software soil survey automation

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TerraIndex software soil survey automation

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TerraIndex software soil survey automation


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