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New Features week 11 A new week, and new features have been added to Terraindex! The most important changes have been listed down below, but you can find a full list on our Wiki! 1. KLIP files and documents are now visible in the app 2. For the windows app, a connection module for marXact GPS has been made 3. CROW 400 under the Dutch assessments has been readded to the dutch reports Click read more for a full list or find the relevant page on our wiki.

We have done a lot of work the last weeks and would like to communicate this with you! Down below is a small selection, but the complete list can be seen under Read more.  New functionalities:  - It is now possible to see a borelog of a single measurement point in the measurementpoint details screen. See the wiki page for more details - A new table has been created called "All labassignments" in which you can see all labassignments that were sent from your environment within a certain time span Reporting changes:  - A new assessment for Wallone was added (L'assainissement des sols Region Wallone) - The reporting order and names of PFAS components were adjusted for customers from Belgium to better reflect the PFAS lists shown in the CMA and WAC documents for PFAS. Has this not been implemented in your environment and would you be interested in this change? Send a mail to service@terraindex.com. Bugs:  - Multiple problems in the table view have been fixed, among which a bug that caused duplicated objects to result in synchronisation errors in the Tablet App - The project verification service was offline, this has been restored For the complete lists of changes, click on Read more.

The moment of digital transformation is now. The first step, digitalization of existing processes is becoming a must for most environmental consultants, field engineers and laboratories. Besides the fact that having your data digital means it would be ‘more convenient’ or that it is harder to lose important data, why is digitalization so important? And...

In the 40’s in post-war Japan an agricultural scientist turned his back on conventional practices and started an interesting experiment. Masanobu Fukuoka wanted to try agriculture the natural way; without ploughing, without herbicides and pesticides, and even without excessive weeding of his fields. The result? The crops seemed to be stronger and more resilient, and his costs to produce went down significantly. Basically, by doing nothing it was perfectly viable to grow crops. Fukuoka named his method “Shizen Noho”, or “Do-nothing farming”. Being kind to soil seems to bear fruits.

TerraIndex: Mixture toxicity and interactions: A complex affair

There is a quote attributed to the medieval scientist Paracelcus: “Only the dose makes the poison” (Latin: dosis sola facit venenum), pointing out that every parameter can be toxic, as long as it is present in the right dose. This might sound odd, but the fact is that this dose for parameters that we don’t see as toxic for our health is just very high. Even water can be toxic, because if we drink too much of it (keyword: too), the heart will be unable to continue to pump. Within environmental research some groups of hazardous parameters are analysed so that an assessment can be made to conclude if exposure to these parameters is a danger to our health. However in these assessments we usually look at one parameter and one threshold at a time. Reality is a little more complex than that.

TerraIndex automating soil survey - A search for data

This article was written by Roelof Zwaan, environmental expert at TerraIndex. The preliminary examination is an important part of environmental research. The outcome of the preliminary examination determines the subsequent survey: what will be surveyed, where will the survey take place and how will the survey be carried out? The results of a preliminary examination...

TerraIndex is closed between Christmas and New Year. For urgent matters we have an emergency number available on our answering machine. All other questions can be send by email to service@terraindex.com. Starting Monday, January 3th we’ll start answering these questions We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

TerraIndex software bodemonderzoek soil investigation automation automatisering

Not only are we busy with the development of our software, but also the website has recently been given a refresh. Therefore, we proudly present the new website of TerraIndex. The current website is more in line with what we want to convey as a company. We have ensured that information about our product is...

TerraIndex software bodemonderzoek soil investigation automation automatisering

TerraIndex has been an expert in the field of automation, standardisation and chain integration of soil survey for more than 25 years. With the TerraIndex software, the entire process – from fieldwork to reporting – can be carried out quickly, safely and accurately.


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