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This week we have been working on the Borelogs, DOV Export, and Sub-locations in the app. Borelogs:

  • The problem of multiple commas appearing in the BZBs and missing commas in the soil type text has been fixed.
  • The bug that only the BOPB of the first monitoring well was displayed when this label was used has been fixed.
  • Two measurement point labels have been added to the borehole profile settings:
    • Ambient air temperature
    • Weather conditions
DOV Export:
  • The Informal stratigraphy element is no longer created empty if a lithographic stratigraphy can be created.
  • The altitude is now rounded to 2 decimal places.
Next steps for DOV include supporting altitude and coordinate precision as a field in TerraIndex and including them in the export. Sub-locations in the app: It has been possible to fill in Sub-locations in TerraIndex web for some time now, but recently this can also be done in the app. Starting from version 1.49.0. For now, this is only available in the Windows app. The iOS app will follow. For more news messages, visit our wiki!

We have been working hard this week to ensure that the technology behind TerraIndex stays well-maintained and up to date. Technical improvements:

  • We have written a large number of automated tests for the web environment of TerraIndex to make maintenance easier.
  • We have started updating our server software to a newer version.
  • Some improvements have been made to the reporting tool.
In addition, we have implemented some minor developments:
  • The borehole profile images that can be displayed on the web are now of higher quality.
  • For Belgium, the DOV export has been improved with the following features:
    • Informal stratigraphy is no longer always exported; it is only provided when no lithographic description can be made.
    • The altitude value is now rounded to two decimals.
  • The 'new layer description' feature in the borehole profile has been further improved based on user feedback for Spanish, French, and Italian.
  • A new assessment is available for Belgium: Vlarem II Annex 2.3.1 for Water Sediment.
Visit our wiki for more feature updates!

These are the new features of week 16:

  • In the SIKB 14.4 export, the drawn project contours and sublocation contours are now included, just like in the previously implemented 14.7 export. This means that you can now easily provide a contour via a SIKB 14 export.
  • Great news for AL-West customers, it is now possible to download the lab certificate from AL-West through Terraindex. You can do this by clicking on the lab order and pressing the 'download certificate' button on the top left.
More weekly updates are available on our wiki!


This week a lot of effort was spent on the upcoming app, Terraindex streamline. Although we won't highlight the features that have been made for that application we do have a little sneak peak for you down below. Other items that were finished this week: New features:

  • The backend calls on Terraindex web have been overhauled, which improves performance
  • The project contours that are drawn on the map can now be exported in SIKB 14.7 exports
  • Sneak peek: The new look of the Terraindex android app. See the expanded explanations for more details
For a complete list AND a sneak peak of the new app, take a look on our wiki!

This week we released several new features! Features:

  • The new fields for this quarter have been added. Be sure to check to release notes to see which fields were added and, if you want to use them, ask your application manager to make them visible in the template management.
  • In addition to the new fields, we have also added a short description of all fields in the template management section. This tells you how a field can be used and in what unit, etcetera. We would love to hear feedback from users on this feature.
  • A feature was added to change the borelog descriptions for soil texture, colour and special components. Instead of the ‘robotic’ summation in the borelogs, it is now possible to turn on this feature to get a more natural sentence. A more detailed explanation of this feature will be given below.
  • It is now possible to draw a project contour which defines the extent of your research area.
We have also fixed some bugs in existing functionality. For the complete page with all release notes, visit our wiki!


This week we have been busy working on a couple bigger features which need a little bit more time in oven. We hope to release some next week! So there are no new features compared to last week, but we would like to draw your attention to a new feature that we released a little while back: The manual entry of analysis results. On the wiki we have added an explanation of this feature!


New Features week 11 A new week, and new features have been added to Terraindex! The most important changes have been listed down below, but you can find a full list on our Wiki! 1. KLIP files and documents are now visible in the app 2. For the windows app, a connection module for marXact GPS has been made 3. CROW 400 under the Dutch assessments has been readded to the dutch reports Click read more for a full list or find the relevant page on our wiki.

We have done a lot of work the last weeks and would like to communicate this with you! Down below is a small selection, but the complete list can be seen under Read more.  New functionalities:  - It is now possible to see a borelog of a single measurement point in the measurementpoint details screen. See the wiki page for more details - A new table has been created called "All labassignments" in which you can see all labassignments that were sent from your environment within a certain time span Reporting changes:  - A new assessment for Wallone was added (L'assainissement des sols Region Wallone) - The reporting order and names of PFAS components were adjusted for customers from Belgium to better reflect the PFAS lists shown in the CMA and WAC documents for PFAS. Has this not been implemented in your environment and would you be interested in this change? Send a mail to service@terraindex.com. Bugs:  - Multiple problems in the table view have been fixed, among which a bug that caused duplicated objects to result in synchronisation errors in the Tablet App - The project verification service was offline, this has been restored For the complete lists of changes, click on Read more.

A new section has been added to TerraIndex's Table View; '(All) Lab Assignments'. It's in the Table View at the bottom left. In this view you get an overview of all lab assignments across all projects over a certain period of time. You can set that time period at the top right (last month by default). This way you can quickly see which orders have or have not been sent and whether there are any analysis results.

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