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Bodembemonstering B.V. is a company specialized in all aspects of soil research. With experienced founders Kevin Mulder and Jordy Schipper, Bodembemonstering B.V. offers an extensive range of services throughout the Netherlands, catering to both small and large projects. The team consists of the two founders, and they prioritize thorough and affordable soil research with clear communication.   

‘What TerraIndex offers, no other program does; it’s very comprehensive.’

Bodembemonstering B.V. is a company specialized in all aspects of soil research. With experienced founders Kevin Mulder and Jordy Schipper, Bodembemonstering B.V. offers an extensive range of services throughout the Netherlands, catering to both small and large projects. The team consists of the two founders, and they prioritize thorough and affordable soil research with clear communication.

After years of working in the soil sector, Kevin Mulder and Jordy Schipper felt that the time was right to start their own venture. In December 2022, they founded Bodembemonstering. Having worked for previous employers, they were already familiar with TerraIndex. Jordy had experience with the program from the field, while Kevin used it from the office.

TerraIndex was utilized by almost every employer, and satisfaction with it was high. This quickly led to the decision to adopt this software. The user-friendliness and efficiency of TerraIndex were key factors in this choice.

What sets TerraIndex apart is its unparalleled comprehensiveness. The input options for field observations are extensive. Different assessments can be conducted quickly, providing a rapid overview of the situation. Additionally, TerraIndex is compatible with other formats, such as .xml, which greatly streamlines work.

A noteworthy aspect of TerraIndex is that the reports generated within the software can often be copied directly into the customer’s report. This saves valuable time and effort, making TerraIndex an extremely cost-effective choice for Bodembemonstering B.V.

Antea Group: ‘We have the domain knowledge, great software in TerraIndex and the expertise to take ideas further.’

Coert Ruseler is Director of Environment, Safety & Health at Antea Group Nederland. Together with his colleagues, he works daily to create a safer and healthier environment. Soil research plays an important role in this – as does the partnership with TerraIndex 

‘We have the domain knowledge, great software in TerraIndex and the expertise to take ideas further.’

Making the Netherlands a little more beautiful
‘Antea Group was founded 70 years ago in Oranjewoud by the Bosma brothers. The beautiful villa in which the company was then located is still used as a meeting centre today. Antea Group now has offices all over the world.

In the Netherlands, we work with 1,500 employees, divided among various divisions. We all have the same mission: To make the Netherlands a little more beautiful every day. As Director of Environment, Health & Safety, I work together with my colleagues to create a safer and healthier environment.’

Antea Group continues to challenge itself
To constantly improve our services and processes, Antea Group continues to challenge itself in the areas of innovation, sustainability, visibility and people. Using a 1001-day plan, we take concrete steps that contribute to our mission.

For example, we plan to organise the longest drone flight ever, of no less than 750 kilometres. We also bought a forest in the south of the country where we are investigating how we can promote nature restoration and improve the living environment with the help of technology and artificial intelligence. TerraIndex plays an important role in this.’

Far-reaching process optimisation
‘Undertaking environmental soil investigations is of great importance to us. The collaboration with TerraIndex started some 25 years ago, when the company was still called IT Works. At that time, we were still using pen and paper to carry out the entire soil investigation. The TerraIndex software has ensured far-reaching process optimisation: from the fieldworker to the interior consultant and from the management to the delivery. The subsequent switch to the web version has also greatly helped us to reduce administration costs.

TerraIndex continues to develop its software together with its customers. We have the domain knowledge, great software in TerraIndex and the expertise to take ideas further. Antea Group is also working closely with TerraIndex to develop new functionalities, such as an algorithm for mixing samples and a link to the Smart Helmet.’

Algorithm for mixing samples
Multiple samples are taken in the field and need to be mixed correctly in order to perform a reliable analysis. Selecting representative samples, figuring out the right ratios and the corresponding rules takes a lot of time. A colleague came up with the idea of developing an algorithm based on a large number of previously performed mixing processes.

We pitched this idea to TerraIndex, after which our staff and the TerraIndex team worked together for a year to develop the idea further. Samples can now be imported, after which the algorithm automatically indicates the correct composition. This makes the process a lot smarter and more efficient. ‘

Smart Helmet & artificial intelligence
‘Another example of a collaborative project is the use of a Smart Helmet and the deployment of artificial intelligence. Our field workers wear a Smart Helmet which is used to make observations of the environment. By linking these observations to the data entered by the field worker, drilling profiles can eventually be automatically registered and recognised. This development also provides opportunities for a wonderful interface with TerraIndex.

These kinds of collaborations are really exciting and I really believe in them. Both parties have their own expertise. By combining this expertise and complementing each other’s strengths – instead of trying to do everything themselves – something really powerful is created.’

A nice company to work with
I would definitely recommend the TerraIndex software to foreign colleagues. From an international perspective, it can be very interesting to work with the same data structure. This can provide valuable insights, offering scope for more joint innovations.

TerraIndex delivers smarter and more efficient processes which can yield many benefits in terms of quality and time savings.

TerraIndex isn’t a huge company, which ensures great cooperation and short lines of communication. It’s a nice company with pleasant and professional people, who are always open to feedback and discussions.‘

AL-West: 'With TerraIndex we can provide our clients with reliable results ever faster'

Marc van Gelder (48) from Markelo, father of two teenage sons, works as site manager at AL-West BV in Deventer. He previously worked for Shell and the University of Groningen. AL-West BV has been working with TerraIndex since 2006 and now receives more than 85% of its assignments digitally.

‘Because most assignments are delivered digitally, we can provide our clients with reliable results ever faster.’

As site manager, I am ultimately responsible for all the activities of AL-West BV.
In 1986 AGROLAB was founded in Germany by its current CEO Dr. Paul Wimmer. At the time, he started with three employees. In 2005, AGROLAB took over the laboratory branch of Tauw. Meanwhile, the AGROLAB GROUP has dozens of branches throughout Europe and more than 1,900 employees. The AGROLAB GROUP has won several awards and was among the winners of the Bayerns Best 50 for the 6th time in 2021.

I have been working for AL-West BV in Deventer for 10 years. I started as head of the organic department, now I work as a site manager. Our site currently employs more than 220 people. We are really a production site and perform various analyses, including those for soil research. Each year we receive over 400,000 sample containers. Depending on the assignment, these are broken down into several sub-samples – and thus analyses. As site manager, I have final responsibility and ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. I also keep an eye on cost savings and make sure that our people can do their work efficiently. The digitalization of processes plays an important role in this.

Our IT department has worked closely with TerraIndex
The cooperation with TerraIndex started back in 2002. At the time, we worked together with TerraIndex, Alcontrol and Analytico, on a uniform exchange protocol for research agencies and laboratories. From there, the TerraIndex soil survey software emerged. In the past, it was quite a challenge to convert data to the SIKB digital exchange format. This was necessary for orders from clients to end up directly in our LIMS system (Laboratory Information Management System). This can now be done without any problems, which helps us to process orders directly and serve our clients faster. At the time, our IT department worked closely with TerraIndex to make this happen. A pleasant collaboration.’

Digitalization is important for efficient and error-free work
In the Netherlands, we are truly ahead of our market in terms of digitalization. In Germany – and other European countries – for example, much is still done by hand. Digitalization is important for us to be able to work efficiently and without mistakes

Digital orders and samples with a scannable barcode can be transferred flawlessly into our own LIM system. Samples are traceable and research results can then be easily uploaded for the customer. Paper orders and samples with handwritten labels still must be entered and split manually, numbering labels again by hand. This is a time-consuming and human centered task, with the possibility of clerical errors. Of course, it would be best if all customers worked with one system. But this is not always possible. For smaller customers, for example, the step to digitization may not yet be worthwhile.’

We can provide customers with reliable results increasingly quickly
Because most assignments are delivered digitally, we can provide our customers with reliable results increasingly quickly and efficiently. Because we can perform more analyses in a shorter time and with fewer people, we can also reduce our costs – and thus the prices for the customer. It is our mission to provide customers with reliable and accurate analysis results on time, at an optimal price and performance ratio, with excellent customer service. Digitization certainly helps us accomplish this mission.

Currently, we provide our customers with analyses results within 5 working days as standard. Analyses that require faster results can be requested separately. Our goal is to go from the standard 5 to 4 working days. By further digitalizing the processes, partly in cooperation with TerraIndex, we expect to be able to better serve our customers. ‘

Sweco: ‘TerraIndex helps us generate and process field data quickly'

Harry van den Bergh (30) has been working at Sweco – a large engineering and consultancy firm with around 1600 employees in the Netherlands – since April 2020. Harry works as a soil consultant for the Environmental Consultancy department in Eindhoven. He lives in Utrecht and can therefore regularly be found at Sweco in De Bilt, a nearby town. As a soil consultant, he works daily with the TerraIndex soil survey software.

‘TerraIndex helps us generate and process field data quickly, which is essential for our work process and quality of the research.’

Sweco has several departments: our field of work is very broad
Since April 2020, I have been working at Sweco Nederland. Sweco is Europe’s largest engineering and consultancy firm, with more than 17,000 employees in total. Sweco’s field of work is very broad. There are three divisions in the Netherlands, under which a variety of departments fall. From managing landfills, excavating unexploded remains of war, hydraulic engineering, landscape architecture to climate and sustainability. I myself work for the Environmental Consultancy department, as a soil consultant.

TerraIndex is used in many crucial steps of our research
As a soil consultant, I’m usually involved in the execution of the soil survey – from the desk study to the advisory report. TerraIndex is used in many crucial steps of the investigation. I start by consulting the known sources and examine the area where the client wants to dig. This way, I determine what suspicious substances we might find there. I define a survey strategy and make a drilling plan so that the fieldworker can take the necessary samples. The samples are sent to the lab, after which I analyse the results and assemble an advisory report. I then discuss the advice with the client. ‘

As a consultant, you can quickly switch between the field worker, the data and the lab
I already knew the TerraIndex software as my previous employer – where I held the same position – also worked with it. I expect that most research agencies work with TerraIndex, just like the large laboratories. The big advantage of TerraIndex is that data can be entered digitally in the field directly on a tablet or other device. Lab assignments can thus be created quickly and only need to be confirmed by the lab. As a consultant, you can quickly switch between the fieldworker, the data and the lab. TerraIndex helps us to generate and process field data quickly, which is essential for our work process and the quality of the research.

The software makes performing my tasks more efficient
TerraIndex not only improves the cooperation between the different parties, but the software also makes the performance of my tasks more efficient. For example, it is compulsory to include the data collected in the field from all the boreholes – sometimes hundreds – in the survey report. Typing out all these borings, including XY coordinates and the name of the fieldworker, takes a lot of time. With TerraIndex, borehole profiles can be easily printed out, with the correct layout and including the legend. Other important data, such as sensory characteristics or the analyses carried out, can be tabulated and included in your report.

The desired data, borehole profiles and tables can be pasted into the advisory report with just a few clicks. Because you can choose from various templates, the creation of an advisory report is a piece of cake. Another useful – still fairly new – functionality is the list of lab assignments, including a progress indicator. Tick marks indicate whether the lab order has been sent, received or completed. If something went wrong while sending, you can quickly intervene. You can see at a glance when the results have arrived, so that you can get straight to work on the advisory report.

If you run into problems, you can always call them
In the time that I have been working with TerraIndex, new functionalities have been added regularly. Often, this is already announced in our department. I myself receive an email from TerraIndex, in which the functionality is explained step by step. Often with screenshots or sometimes with an explanation video. Webinars are also organised regularly. If you run into problems, you can always call them, and they will help you quickly.

The user interface of TerraIndex is simple. This makes using TerraIndex very easy and intuitive. Personally, I would like to see a few more buttons. I can see opportunities to visualise more things, especially for the fieldworker. For example, a real-time display of a borehole profile with monitoring well, so that the fieldworker can immediately see whether the borehole profile and the depth of the monitoring well have been entered correctly. I myself would like to be able to display drilling profiles in a cross-section. Fortunately, work is already being done on the latter.

As far as I know TerraIndex, I expect that when more customers need a certain functionality, it will come in the future.

Royal HaskoningDHV

Jos van Geffen has been working at Royal HaskoningDHV since 1993. He started as an environmental technician and has always been heavily involved in soil surveys and soil remediation. He now works as a project manager and consultant in the field of area development with various civil engineering aspects. He has been working closely with TerraIndex since the 1990s.

‘QGIS now acts as a good extension of TerraIndex.’
Since 1881, Royal HaskoningDHV has been helping people and organisations to respond to a changing environment. Royal HaskoningDHV has always been an engineering and architectural firm. We work on large civil engineering projects, such as the construction of roads, dykes, bridges, ports, airports and residential areas. Environmental consultancy has always been an important part of this. The last 5 years, the focus has increasingly been on digital engineering, in which TerraIndex also plays a clear role. We experience a great need, and we can still make great strides.

Digital engineering enables us to make reliable forecasts based on a variety of data. This allows us to better anticipate future events, including the changing climate. This enables us to develop solutions in time for the consequences, such as floods and traffic flows. We work together with colleagues all over the world. This allows us to quickly exchange new solutions and innovations.

At the time, we were still being sent disks for updates in Boormanager
Royal Haskoning has been working with TerraIndex for a long time. Since the mid-nineties. At that time TerraIndex was still called Boormanager, a program that first ran locally on the network and later via Citrix. We still received floppy disks for updates in Boormanager at that time. You can’t imagine that now.

Before we started using BoorManager, we worked with all kinds of separate systems. Data was entered in Excel or written down somewhere. Then we had to put it all together manually to be able to analyse the data. BoorManager offered a good solution at the time: we could process all field and analysis data directly in one system.

However, after a while Boormanager no longer met our requirements. The programme was in Dutch and not usable for our foreign colleagues. In addition, we needed a web version of the software in which we could centralise all data – also from abroad. Boormanager offered a solution mainly for the primary process of the research, not for the secondary: the interpretation and visualisation. We were missing a link to GIS.

TerraIndex continues to develop its software and listens carefully to the wishes of its customers. BoorManager has now made way for the current TerraIndex software. A web version is available, and the software is multilingual, which is useful for our foreign colleagues. Work has also been done on the GIS link using WFS web services via Geoserver, which offers enormous potential. ‘

We state our requirements, TerraIndex works on the solution
Once a year, we come together with our colleagues at the so-called expert days – organised by TerraIndex. We learn from each other and discuss certain needs and areas for improvement. Previously, we were somewhat reluctant to share information and insights, because we paid for the development of a new desired functionality ourselves as a company. Now, the further development of the software is included in the subscription price, and we speak as customers with one common interest.

Every agency faces the same challenges. By discussing these together, we create broader support. TerraIndex has a proactive approach in this and does everything in its power to extract the necessary knowledge and insights from the experts. This way, they find out what the common needs are and where the priorities lie.

I can still clearly remember one expert day. TerraIndex was developing the web version, but at the same time wanted to continue to meet the needs of customers in the Citrix version. I then suggested: ‘Focus on the web version. That will give you much more peace of mind.’ That was the step that had to be taken. An important step, which would ultimately benefit everyone. It was time to move on. We are very satisfied with the result.

QGIS now acts as a good extension of TerraIndex
For the secondary process of the soil survey – the interpretation and visualisation – TerraIndex previously did not offer a good, flexible and direct solution. Adding GIS functionality proved impossible, yet a solution was sought. For two years, a bridge between the TerraIndex database and GIS was built. All kinds of experts were brought in, and it worked. At TerraIndex, they really enjoy working on new developments, which is nice to see.

Uniform layouts and datasets have now been developed – XY oriented – so that less editing is required. Data are now served directly ‘GIS-ready’ via the GIS link with Geoserver. Data from TerraIndex is read directly into QGIS or ArcGIS. The visualisation of developments and solutions is now much easier, partly thanks to exportable maps and aerial photos. The link also helps us to work more efficiently and safely, because we can, for example, map drilling locations more accurately. GIS applications can now serve as a good extension of the TerraIndex software.

TerraIndex really works on behalf of its customers
TerraIndex delivers more than just software, it also provides a piece of uniformity within the market. In the past, we had to create our own assessment programmes and check what the exact standards and regulations were according to law. Everyone had their own assessment programmes, including the laboratories. TerraIndex had also created its own assessment module.

In cooperation with TerraIndex, the government created the BoToVa assessment service. The large laboratories now also work according to the same standards and import assignments in the same way. This uniformity ensures a more unambiguous view of the standards in relation to public health and the environment. The Netherlands has always been a pioneer in this.

TerraIndex really works on behalf of its customers. I find that a very strong point. They are constantly proactively looking for improvements and responding to new developments. Within the market, but also in the cooperation with its clients.

For instance, I once said to Nico: ‘would it be an idea to record videos to explain functionalities’. TerraIndex now has its own YouTube channel with very good explainer videos. Something has been done with it and that’s great to see. I think TerraIndex is quite unique in this. Problems are solved immediately at TerraIndex, new functionalities can take some time to implement. But they get there. And that is important. ‘

Tauw TerraIndex software digitalisering automatisering bodemonderzoek

TAUW provides environmental engineering and consultancy services to both the public and private sectors. Since 1928, TAUW has grown from a company with 5 employees to a leading European environmental consultancy. TAUW employs 1200+ people across 28 offices in 5 European countries – including Belgium.

“We chose TerraIndex because it offers a truly complete solution, which is what makes it so attractive.”

Using TerraIndex has been a very positive experience within our company
‘At TAUW Belgium, we have been working with TerraIndex for almost three years. Using TerraIndex has been a very positive experience within our company. The software works intuitively and exporting data is very easy. The software, both the web and the app version, is used daily for all our projects and construction sites.

We used to work with different programs. A different tool for each step. Sharing data and making it accessible was not always easy. We regularly ran the risk of losing data.

It was important for us to find a way to centralise all the information, from the field data to the analysis results. To avoid data loss, we looked for software that could directly upload data – already during collection in the field – to one secure place.’

Since we started using TerraIndex, we have saved a lot of time
‘We chose TerraIndex because the software really offers a complete solution; that’s what makes TerraIndex so attractive. All users work together in and from one user environment. Data can be shared easily, and analysis results are immediately available. We can then print out various reports to compare the results with the standards applicable in Belgium. That is also very valuable.

Since we started using TerraIndex, we have saved a lot of time. This is one of the biggest advantages. We can see the information from the field directly. We don’t have to wait until the end of the day for the borelogs, but can communicate directly with the fieldworker. If we need extra data, we can ask the fieldworker to carry out additional operations.

Ordering lab assignments is also much quicker and easier. The borelogs are quickly available and the samples are already scanned in the field. All analysis packages can be found in TerraIndex – including their prices – and selected directly.’

With TerraIndex, the quality of the survey is improved continuously
‘Thanks to the TerraIndex mapping tools, the fieldworker can immediately see deviations in the location of the boreholes. These can then be corrected with GPS. The possibility of visualising borehole locations on a map helps the project manager to identify and prioritise them.

Cooperation with the various partners has also been improved by TerraIndex. They can also import their data directly into TerraIndex; all users have access. We can then select the data we consider necessary for the survey.

All information is collected and displayed in the same way. This standardisation of data ensures the quality of the survey. With TerraIndex, data loss is kept to a minimum. Because all users can communicate with each other live, work can be adjusted immediately to supplement the data where necessary.

With TerraIndex, the quality of the survey is continuously improved. TerraIndex not only provides software, but also allows the process to evolve. The software is continuously developed, and functionalities are adapted for different countries and regions.

For Belgium, TerraIndex has made a great effort to adapt the software to our three regions, each with their own standards!’

Tauw TerraIndex software digitalisering automatisering bodemonderzoek

TAUW provides environmental engineering and consulting services to both the public and private sectors. Since 1928, from a company with 5 employees, TAUW has grown into a leading European environmental consultancy company with 1200+ employees.

‘Digitizing is more efficient, safer and time-saving’

In 2020 we digitized our entire research process. Previously, we worked with formatted sheets of paper, which we filled in with a pen. Rain and wind often made the sheets less legible. In addition, we had to re-enter all the data in Excel. And that was unnecessarily time-consuming.

We also wanted to guarantee the reliability of our data and not waste any more time re-entering data or waiting for a colleague to return from the field. Digitization offers many opportunities to store, archive and share data.

For us, it was important that the software and app be easy to use right away. Our company has several certifications that allow us to guarantee quality services. It was therefore important that the software could provide information according to these standards and requirements. TerraIndex provided the solution.

Since we have been working with TerraIndex, we have saved a lot of time. Information only has to be entered once and is immediately shared with the office. We can now do everything from one digital platform: view data, automatically generate drilling locations with GIS, request laboratory analyses and receive analysis results. The structured data and standardized display increase ease of use.

Digitizing soil testing is more efficient, safer and time-saving.

Serpol TerraIndex software digitalisering automatisering bodemonderzoek

Since 1983, SERPOL has been helping its customers solve environmental problems in different areas, with the latest technological innovations. SERPOL employs 200 people, spread over 11 subsidiaries in France and Spain.

‘Digitalization is important, it is part of our times’.

Before we digitized our research process, we had to fill out a lot of paperwork on site. Unfortunately, information was sometimes lost, with unpleasant consequences. In the office, we had to re-enter data from the field into Excel, and we did find errors. We ended up spending twice as much time entering data, and the chances of errors were higher.

A few years ago, we started the digitization process throughout the company. Saving time and minimizing the chance of errors were the main reasons for management to digitize the research process.

We chose TerraIndex because of its ease of use and playful design. Data is easy to enter both in the office and in the field. The TerraIndex team is easy to reach and provides good support in implementing the software. Questions are answered quickly and the software is adapted to our working methods and protocols within the French market. With TerraIndex, we had a good feeling from the beginning: they did not just act as sellers of software, but were immediately an extension of our organization.

Because the field can easily connect with the office, we can make data transparent much faster. The engineer receives the data as soon as the drilling is finished. The fieldworker can also easily request missing information if necessary, after which the data is immediately synchronized in the app. We can also request analyses from laboratories more quickly, partly because samples have already been scanned in the field. We are still in the rollout phase and have just started using TerraIndex, but are sure that TerraIndex will help us save a lot of time in the research process.

Digitalization is important, it is part of our times: we are getting more and more information, which needs to be processed faster and faster. TerraIndex will enable us to work more efficiently and better.

TerraIndex software bodemonderzoek soil investigation automation automatisering

TerraIndex has been an expert in the field of automation, standardisation and chain integration of soil survey for more than 25 years. With the TerraIndex software, the entire process – from fieldwork to reporting – can be carried out quickly, safely and accurately.


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